Thank you for visiting the A.W. Shier Insurance website.

I am pleased to share with you today our company’s acquisition of A.W. Shier Insurance Brokers Ltd,. with their office now operating under the Stan Darling Insurance brand.

A.W. Shier has enjoyed tremendous success over the years by offering their customers exceptional, personalized service.  This is a value true to the heart of Stan Darling Insurance and I can assure you the excellent service you enjoyed as an A.W. Shier customer will not change.  You can count on the continued trusted relationships with all the existing staff at your Bracebridge location, with the same contact phone numbers.

One pillar at A.W. Shier, David Johnson has unfortunately left us and we all wish him a long and happy retirement.  His 20 years of service as a partner has allowed him to work closely with many A.W. Shier clients, and we thank him dearly for making a difference in the community.

If you would like to learn more about Stan Darling Insurance and our near 80 years of service in the Parry Sound é Muskoka region, I invite you to contact your broker and find out how we are ideally suited to meet all your insurance needs.

Yours truly, 

Stephen Darling