Exciting news! A. W. Shier Insurance and Gidley & Associate Insurance are now part of Stan Darling Insurance.

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Exciting news

We are excited to announce our new name as we officially become part of

Stan Darling Insurance Inc.

A.W. Shier Insurance will become Stan Darling Insurance (Bracebridge) and Gidley & Associates Insurance will become Stan Darling Insurance (Gravenhurst). 

Although the names are changing, the people and places you are used to are not.  You’ll still receive the same level of expert insurance advise you’ve received in the past, and at the same office locations and telephone numbers.

Sure, the letterhead will be a little different as will the email address (the old ones will still work too) but we don’t expect you’ll find this change any inconvenience.  Let us tell you a bit about Stan Darling Insurance. 

You may know the name Stan Darling from the insurance offices in Burk’s Falls and Sundridge or remember him from his 50 years of public service including 20 plus years representing Muskoka / Parry Sound as our Federal Member of Parliament. 

Stan Darling was our founder and in 1938 he saw a need for local insurance availability.  He began helping his friends and neighbours from his home but soon the demand for insurance increased and the business moved to the bustling main street of Burk’s Falls. 

Stan’s two sons Peter and John entered the business allowing Stan to transition into another of his passions where he continued to serve the people of Muskoka / Parry Sound as the areas M.P.  Stan was instrumental in getting amendments to the Clean Air Act implement and an environmental treaty signed by the US and Canada and in 2001 he was presented the Distinguished Service Award. A scholarship in his name is given out each year to high school students from the area with a field of interest in the environment.  Stan’s environmental devotion was a reason we began our Go Green campaign you can take part in. https://standarlinginsurance.com/go-green/

John and Peter grew the operations and added a second office in Sundridge where later two of John’s sons would both work.  These two sons Jason and Stephen are now the sole owners of the brokerage and once again have worked to expand the operations.

In 2013 Stephen and Jason purchased the controlling interest in A.W. Shier Insurance as well as Gidley & Associate Insurance.  After his five-year contract was fulfilled the remaining 1/3 ownership stake was acquired from the prior partner.  Now in 2021 these two offices are being renamed as offices of Stan Darling Insurance.

We are proud of our past and excited for the future.  We are a truly independent brokerage having no ownership from any insurance companies, so you’ll receive the best advise choosing a coverage or during a claim.  

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